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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. home court advantage wasn't enough for the warriors tonight. the team loses game 3 of the nba finals to the toronto raptors. >> when you have a defeat like this and come back and you win. >> warriors fans remain hopeful tonight, sfiet the final score 123-109. and raptors lead the series 2-1. >> the warriors had to play
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without two of their key players. we have team coverage. >> mark ibanez is here with the highlights from game 3. >> right off the bat if you did not for some reason appreciate the talent and the incredible will to win of steph curry after seeing this game, you absolutely had to. for warrior fans, unfortunately, that was not the story tonight. the story is the toronto raptors winning this game against a very depleted warriors team. and it went to game time before a lot of us knew with whether that man was gonna play or not. all-star guard klay thompson, out with the hamstring strain. and from there, toronto basically controls the tone the entire way. kawhi leonard with the left hand 30 points tonight.
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steph, a playoff career high. he had 47 points. from the suburbs. he gets that thing to bounce. 47 points. the rest of the warriors had 62 total. never could believe it. that's the way it went for toronto. they always stayed out of reach for the warriors. that's a look at jurassic park in toronto canada where they obviously have never won an nba championship. and they're in the driver's seat right now. up two games to one. an odd statistic it's been 109 points games for the warriors. win or lose. that's odd. the raptors, they absolutely had to have this game. taking advantage of the short-changed warriors. joe, what would you say was the
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raptors' attitude as they captured this game? they kinda knew they had to. >> reporter: the last thing professional athletes are gonna do is blame a loss on injuries. and they knew all you had to do was look at their body language they weren't celebrating anything. they know they still have two very tough games to win. but they did note that this was a very important one. we already knew that kevin durant would be out of that game. we found out at game time that kompson would be out as well. the warriors very much affected by the loss. >> we can play better obviously. better on the defensive end. but i like the
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competitiveness that we had. >> everybody wanna see us lose. go back to toronto win game 5 come back to oracle. win game 6. and then celebrate. ebrate. >> reporter: the facts are with the warriors down two to game, they have to win three out of four against a very good team. they cannot get those other two guys back soon enough. if they come back for this seer. i heard some fans on the way out say it's a series, not a game. and that's the the warriors have to approach it.
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>> thanks, j we'll check in with you later on. you have to love draymond green's attitude. he makes it sound so simple. take care of it come back and celebrate. i have to say i was truly amazed. not just by steph curry scoring 47 points but the fact he was just all over the court. he knew he had to lead this team to victory. and his effort was absolutely incredible. all those things from around the league, they love to hate him you have to respect it. >> starting from so far behind as it is. what's your gut feeling on whether klay thompson and kevin durant will play? >> game time decision with regard to klay. and i think he will definitely play playon friday. and kd is iffy. as objectively as i can i think
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the warriors win this series no problem if they're healthy. but it's the nba finals. it's a war of attrition. >> amber lee is outside oracle with some reaction from fans. obviously not happy with the result tonight. >> reporter: absolutely not. they tell me they are disappointed but not entirely surprised by the warriors loss. many players are injured. >> reporter: the mood was subdued as fans started leaving even before the final buzzer. but they say the warriors are resilient and their support for the was a tough game. steph goes for 45. but thee just don't have enough to back him up. >> he can't do if all by himself. >> we were down to one player. on friday when klay comes back, and kd comes back, it's over. >> reporter: the fanfare of the
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finals on full display. the championship always att celebrities. such as shaquille o'neal. the national anthem by metallica turned up the volume. this fan tells me he paid $40,000 for a seat right by the tunnel to get up-close to the players. his first time at a finals game. >> reporter: steph curry had a stellar night. but it wasn't enough without the other half of the splash brothers. >> you need everybody to contribute. you need green cook, everybody needs to double-digits. >> i think they're gonna do fine. >> when you have a defeat like this and you come back and you win, that's sweet. so this was just part of the process.
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>> warriors will win in game 6. >> no problem. reporter: game 4 be played right here at oracle arenaed from. then it's back to toronto for game 5 on monday. fans say they're positive that the warriors chase will be successful. be successful. oakland's mayor says warriors fans have raised money for more than 14,000 meals for bay area food banks. the mayor says efforts are falling a bit short. oakland is hoping to find at least 60,000 more meals. developing news in santa rosa wounding three people, including a child. it happened around 7:00 during an argument near a soccer field. a man got out of a mack sedan firing eight shots hitting one man, as well as a coach and an 11-year-old boy at the soccer
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practice nearby. >> i don't know where these people are come, where they come from. i don't know if it was gang-related. i don't know know what was the reason they turned around and started shooting. >> the victims were taken to the hospital. their conditions are not known at this time. police tried looking for gunman in the area where shooting happened on west 9th. police are looking for a man who was caught on surveillance video peeping into a child's window at a home in a quiet south bay neighborhood. tonight neighbors say they are concerned especially because a lot of children live in that area. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live from the campbell police department. >> reporter: police released this video earlier today. they said the suspect is bold. take a
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close look at this video. it shows a man peering into a child's window at a home in campbell. the incident happened just before 1:30 monday morning on bismarck drive. >> this wasn't just somebody walking down a sidewalk looking into a window. it was somebody going behind the property and looking in. >> reporter: you see the man slouch down, reposition himself to get a closer look before walking away. >> i think it's awful. >> we really hope that somebody recognizes this person and works with us to identify him. >> reporter: take another look. police describe the suspect as a man in his 30s with a goatee there is no mustache. >> i'm single, i live here with my sisters. >> it's an invasion of privacy when people should feel safe in their own homes. that's where we want to come into play.
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. >> reporter: people living in the area say it is a quiet and safe street and knowing a prowler is on the loose is concerning. especially in the area where a lot of children are playing. >> i think it's really bad for this neighborhood. there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. >> there's a school right here. that's really scary too. >> reporter: police say the man ran from the home after being confronted by the child's father. the suspect was seen on phoenix drive running toward hamilton avenue. >> the picture is so creepy. let's hope someone can recognize him from that video. the trump administration issues a halt on some fetal tissue research. how bay area researchers are affected and why
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they strongly oppose the decision. >> temperatures cooled off a bit today and cool quite a bit farther tomorrow. and a warmup toward the weekend. toward the weekend. >> a community meeting in san jose as residents air frustrations. the complaints and the company's response. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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life. t o the fullest. residents aired complaints against union pacific railroad over everything from noisy overnight trains to blight. union pacific heard from more than a hundred residents and they also face legal action from the city. >> reporter: yes frank. anger and frustration filled the community center tonight. and you can see one of the concerns, blight along the railroad tracks. the biggest complaint trains have started running overnight from 2:00 am to 5:00 am. >> it's not even just a honking. it's a blaring noise that's deafening. >> reporter: he is describing what he hears several times overnight as trains roll through
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san jose's japan town. video of the trains at night so loud that his grandson wake up. >> in our particular case, we have a two-year-old, a child in our home, and it disrupts all his patterns of sleeping. >> reporter: it's a quality of life issue residents say that began in february. they started running more trains at night to cut cost. >> reporter: at a community meeting wednesday night families held signs demanding union pacific put the brakes on the night train. >> i'm using ear plugs and a powerful loud white noise device. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: and it's not just the noise residents are upset about. it's the blight, homeless encampments. s encampments. >> the train homes are loud. and i'm not saying it's okay but we
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also have a network that's pretty extensive that's interstate commerce. >> reporter: they are exploring commune cleanup, giving law enforcement access to the tracks and identifying hotspots for fencing. >> it is clear to me that local tax payers should not be subsidizing the business decisions of union pacific. if there's infrastructure here, you need pacific to be paying for it. >> reporter: residents have no plans to back down. many if union pacific does not lend us an ear i believe they've got all these rights. it's time to change. to change. >> reporter: the mayor's budget, half a million dollars has been allocated for the city attorney to explore legal remedies against
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look at infrastructure costs. an early june warmup is starting to speed up the snow-melt in the sierra. the last survey measured 200% of normal. water experts worry the snow could melt too fast. they will be keeping a close eye on the reservoirs and manage them as best they can. >> we have reservoirs that are near capacity. so there's somewhere to put that water. we're gonna to start releasing more. if we do get that rapid melt-off, there's not much we can do about it. >> be careful around the fast-moving waterways. it's always so sad to see the water just going out to the bay. >> it is. absolutely. >> weigh can't use it. but at least we have a lot of snowpack. >> and we do. and what's gonna happen, a lot of that snowpack
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goes down the river. a lot of it gets into the grund water of the sacramento valley. so we can't contain it physically, we are containing it in the groundwater. we've got a great groundwater year going right now. 200% of average in the mountains right now u. numbers tomorrow are gonna be 10 degrees cooler than they were today because of that system. fog has returned to the coast. you can feel it outside already. last night we had upper 70s with some of these inland bay areas. here's some fog right now. you see the fog coming in across the city. temperatures are going to be cool tomorrow. then they're gonna start warming up friday, saturday, sunday with numbers back possibly into the triple
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digits on sunday. we'll see you back here and put it all together. tomorrow significantly cooler. prosecutors made their case today in the ghost ship warehouse trial. defendants are accused of creating conditions that led to the fire that killed 36 people. next week the defense will present their evident. they said today they think the prosecution's case was slim. >> i don't think they made their case against derrick almena. they certainly made a case that there was an enormous tragedy in oakland. that it was hard for these families that were torn asunder, that all these young creative people were lost. >> the defense will start calling witnesses on monday. both max harris and almena are expected to take the stand. new rules that went into effect today at the airport.
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>> a police department in the south bay is pushing back against the county after it refused to change its sanctuary policy.
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the highway patrol tweeted out this picture today of a banner seen between highway 101 and nose at the 10th street overcrossing. it says "you matter." it was put up after a man jumped to his death from the same overcrossing yesterday. the chp tweeted a message saying "if you need help or know someone who needs help, please speak up and seek assistance". it also provided a suicide prevention hotline that can be reached 24 hours a day. 800-273-8255. local law enforcement agencies are pushing back against a decision by santa clara county supervisors considering the release of undocumented immigrants from jail. >> the supervisors upheld the process preventing law enforcement from notifying federal immigration officials when annal is released. >> pick uup the phone. >> reporter: what the san jose
10:24 pm
police officers union wanted, notification of i.c.e. days before a violent offender is released from prison. >> we are recommending against the implementation of any notification policy. >> reporter: the debate a direct result of the murder of bam bee larson. the man charged with her death has been in and out of police custody and was in the country illegally. i.c.e. had requested for him to be detained at least nine times. >> she would be alive if all they did is pick up the phone. county to ignore those things they'll be more bambi larsons. ons. >> reporter: san jose police chief garcia points out other counties are already doing it. >> monterey county does it. san mateo county does it. i find it
10:25 pm
hard to believe that there's counties around us that are actually actively doing this, but our county seems to think it's impossible. >> you've got the district attorney the sheriff all the chiefs, and all the law enforcement lieutenants in this county asking for change. and a board of supervisors who thinks they're smarter. >> reporter: san jose a mayor weighed in on the decision saying the "the county missed an opportunity to protect our immigrant community and larger community." some immigrant rights groups are cheering the decision. >> i can tell you we were surprised and angry by the decision yesterday. it caught us off-guard but we're willing to talk to them. because we're not gonna stop. and whatever action we have to take, we'll take it. >> reporter: as to what type of action they plan to take next they declined to give specifics.
10:26 pm
suspicious deaths traveling abroad. what the american victims all had in common. >> and with the warriors' sights set on game 4. >> and a decision from the trump administration that has bay area researchers pushing back. >> when a directive such as this eliminates a whole program of research it will reverb brat around the country.
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the trump administration reveal a plan today to defund medical research using feelth treasure. >> the decision directly impacts a multimillion dollar research program at ucsf. >> it was a very firm response. the trump administration's statement basically said this is about promoting the diligent of human life and prioritizing that. some researchers say this is more of a matter of politics than sound science. >> reporter: the heated national debate over abortion took a new turn on wednesday. the trump administration's department of health and human services said it will discontinue nih research studies that use human fetal tissue including an hiv
10:30 pm
research study at the university of california san francisco. "the administration's decision to let the contract with ucsf expire and to discontinue research conducted within the national institutes of health involving the use of female human tissue from elective abortions." >> it will reverberate across the country. >> reporter: he says cell hines from feelth t from fetal tissue have developed vaccines for polio rabies, shingles, rubella, and hepatitis-a. fetal tissue plays a big role in research for hiv/aids, spinal cord injuries and others. >> it requires more research and tissue such as this to do that research. there are many elective abortions that are still legal in this country.
10:31 pm
and that tissue would otherwise be discarded. >> reporter: ucsshgz orter: ucsshgz >> reporter: the trump administration's action changes course from a law congress passed 26 years ago allowing research on fetal tissue. >> the rules have been in place since 1993. they have been very careful to try to make sure that the possibility of research use of fetal tissue never abused. abused. >> reporter: the administration says future funding for non-nih researchers must be reviewed by an ethics board.
10:32 pm
but the criteria for funding is vague. >> during the remainder of the trump administration, i would not put high odds on any outsider getting nih funding for research with fetal tissue. >> reporter: the health and human services statement today specifically targets fetal tissue from elective abortions. it does not mention spontaneous abortions or miscarriages. there is a possibility of legal challenges. this is certainly another hot political topic that we'll likely beeeing on the 2020 campaign trail. >> for this specific program what happens to it? is it effectively over right now? >> they had funding through today. as a result of this announcement that funding is gone from nih.
10:33 pm
if they do go into effect, the tariffs would start at 5% on monday and top out at 25% in october. president trump said on twitter today "mexico should immediately stop the flow of people and drugs through the southern border "before he will drop the tariffs. the lawmakers from both parties were critical of using trade as a negotiating tool on administration. >> there's some other alternative theories that we can pursue to getted our friends in mexico to understand that we've got a crisis. >> i think that this is dangerous territory. this is not a way to treat a friend. it's not a way to deal with immigration. >> the mexican foreign minister described talks as respectful. they detained a record number of migrant families at the southern
10:34 pm
border last month. traders were encouraged by more speculation the federal reserve could lower int rates. the s&p rose 22. the trump administration has reversed obama-era rules on travel to cuba. u.s. citizens are no longer allowed to take cruise ships privao cuba. the exemption that allows people to travel to cuba for person to person cultural exchanges has also been revoked. the move will cut off cash to the cuban government which is supporting the venezuelan government of maduro. the state department is looking into the mysterious deaths of 3 american tourists within hours of each other at the same resort in the dominican republic. a 41-year-old woman from pennsylvania collapsed and
10:35 pm
died may 25th. an engaged couple also checked into that hotel the same day. they were found dead inside their hotel room five days later. they all suffered respiratory failure and fluid in their lungs. some changes went into effect today that you should know about. passengers are no longer being picked up outside the domestic terminal. you have to go to the top of the hourly parking garage. the san francisco airport commission voted to name the international departure call after the late mayor ed lee. many in the asian-american community and former mayor wanted the entire international terminal names released. the family is supportive of the decision by the airport
10:36 pm
commission. a travel nightmare in southern california. coming up the complaints from travellers tonight after the power goes out at lax. >> we are tracking temperatures. cooling off significantly tomorrow. tomorrow. >> marking 75 years since d-day. everyone's got to li coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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a power outage is delaying flights at lax tonight. many travellers complained on social media that they were stuck on a tarmac and had trouble getting their luggage and going through securi 30 minutes, the were still being rebooted. the airport said the outage was caused by a glitch at a the l.a. department of water and power. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused a commuter bus contracted by apple to go up in flames. the fire was reported at about 10:30 this morning on southbound 280 in portola valley. there were no passengers on the bus at the time. and there is no word whether the driver was hurt. the blaze sparked several grass fire which is crews quickly put out.
10:40 pm
negotiations are set to resume tomorrow in the new haven school district after both sides were at the bargaining table today for ten hour. the strike has gone on for two and a half weeks and has affected about 11,000 students in union city and south hayward. despite not hitting a deal, progress was ma negotiation. week for most schools. mental healthcare workers at kaiser are planning a walkout next week. the strike will expand to more locations as the week goes on.
10:41 pm
some nonurgent services are being rescheduled. a somber anniversary 75 years after the invasion of normandy. >> i realize people, the heroes are all in there. l in there. >> we hear from a veteran who travelled back to normandy for the first time since d-day. >> a cool-down on the way.
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president trump joined queen elizabeth to mark 75 years since d-day. he read part of a prayer that franklin roosevelt gave to the nation in 1944. more than 4,000 allied soldiers died that day in the battle that eventually led to the end of the war. >> and the heroism courage and sacrifice of those who lost their lives will never be forgotten. >> today two british veterans of the, it-day invasion recreated their daring mission from 75 years ago. they are 94 and 95. they flew over the english channel to france where they completed tandem parachute jumps. some hearn veterans of the
10:45 pm
d-day invasion also traveled to normandy. >> one 94-year-old paratrooper on his very first trip back to france sin the war. >> reporter: some 160,000 americans and others were involved in landings on the nearby french coastline on june 6, 1944. a few hours before, some 24,000 u.s. paratroopers dropped behind german enemy lines to cheer the way for the troops. >> we thought we had about ten more minutes of flight. maybe 12. >> enemy aircraft fire all around you. >> yeah, and you could see the fire coming up from them. and we're saying let's gethe out of this plane.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: now 94 living in charlotte, north carolina, this is his first time returning to novrm. returning to normandy. he recalls well his unit's first real run-in with the german foes. >> i let this machine gun open up when i was ordered. and just flashed and killed about 150 of them. it was a battalion. >> reporter: his unit suffered its losses that day. he thinks of them. >> i realize people might think we're heroes. but the heroes are all here. those are the heroes, yeah. >> reporter: he went on to serve 37 months in the military and earn the bronze star medal.
10:47 pm
>> i just think how fortunate many of us are to know guys, women too who fought in that war and did those things that feels so miraculous now. moving onto weather we've got temperatures today that were warm, 91 in santa rosa. look at the cool-down. 77 tomorrow. 71 today in san francisco. they dropped to 64. and then down to 79. a warmer weekend ahead thoechl we're gonna drop the temperature. then we're gonna go back up. tomorrow is the cool-down day. temperatures are 10 degrees cooler than it was last night in concord.
10:48 pm
inland valleys, air conditioners aren't cranking as hard. cooler in livermore. nice night for sleeping. and now. that is a band. it's not going to get the livermore valley. and it's not going to get out toward the dealta. it's gonna stay pretty much to the confines of the bay. the highs tomorrow, subsequently there they are. yellows are 70s greens are 60s. that's a much cooler day. it's not cold, just cooler. bottom out tomorrow, this week low goes through. and then the high builds in quickly. when we get into friday, saturday, and sunday temperatures really start to go up. those are tomorrow numbers. pretty darn nice actually. chance to regroup, get the garden watered up. and get ready for some hot days especially your sunday/monday of next week. that's how it looks. the five-day here, fog back at the
10:49 pm
coast. friday is a little notch up in temperatures. not a lot. back into the low 80s. and saturday sunday, and into monday significant warming. monday being the hottest day. that means probably some low 100% inland. back to the heat just in time for the weekend. the oakland zoo has released almost a dozen bison into the wild on an indian reservation in montana. the 11 bison spend more than a year living at the oakland zoo. they came from the blackfeet nation reservation and their calves were born here. yesterday they were released back to the reservation in montana. >> the idea is they will also mate. we're bringing in two yellowstone heritage bison males. hopefully they'll get along. and this will be a yearly caravan. >> the bison project at is part of
10:50 pm
a broader plan to bring free-roaming bison back to the blackfeetion in northern montana. coming up in sports, you know it's gonna be a tough game for the warriors. they were without klay thompson, durant, and without a win. they lost to the raptors. >> on the 11:00 news, we're continuing to follow some developing news out of the north bay at this hour. three people are hurt after a shooting near a soccer field.
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>> mark is here now talking warriors. steph had a heck of a game but it wasn't enough. >> incredible. unfortunately that old saying, the show must go on. a little too close to home for the warriors tonight. they would like two or three more days. nobody feels sorry for you at this point. everything sounds like whining if you even make a little excuse like that. give it up for toronto. they take the lead. there's klay deep in spots. but apparently the team physician not thinking he was quite ready. and tomorrow that's the tell from the beginning. kawhi leonard, their big star, 30 points up for the first half by as many as 16. cut it to 8 by
10:54 pm
halftime. and much of that because of this guy phenomenal. 47 points. more than that he was all over the court trying to will this team to victory. more in the third. and the run for the warriors everybody was expected didn't quite happen. never able to get over the hump. ends in a jam right there from draymond green. a big reason this is guy here, serge ibaka. six shots for toronto. it happened time and time again. kyle lowry finally gets loose. he had 23 points. this one pretty much seals the deal. this is just a wild shot. that goes in. you know it's your night. the warriors wind up on the
10:55 pm
short end 123-109. they scored 109 nights in all three of these games. reporter: as much as the warriors miss klay thompson, you have to give the raptors credit. they had six players in double figures, including all five starters and made 17 three-point shots. seven of those 17 threes came at a crucial third quarter. every time the warriors made a run to get close the raptors had an answer. >> toronto played an excellent game. big shots every time they needed to. we never could get over the hump. >> every time we made a run or got the crowd into it, they made a tough three or a tough foul was called or they slowed the tempo town. >> give the guys a lot of credit.lot of runs. came back and scored a bucket or hit a three or whatever. >> reporter: so raptors take the lead in the series.
10:56 pm
but you can tell by their body language as they came off the court they feel like there's still plenty of work to do. they have to win games against a very good team. as far as theriors are concerned, they're the team that now has to play with a sense of desperation in game 4 on friday. right now it's up to the a's to bring home a bay area winner for the night. a case of the bullpen blues. down in anaheim tonight. kind of a wild ball game. after the a's led this game 7-1 in the 4th inning, a 3-run homer. angels ahead 8-7. here come the a's. matt olson with a tweener in the left center field. and in comes the tying run. however, out at second base is olson.
10:57 pm
the inning does continue. cries davis in the 8th inning dives in. matt chapman at the plate at the time. the replay shows he was safe after he was previously called out. and that puts the a's briefly in front. we've got a 9-9 ball game. wild. in new york, it's the giants trying to present bruce bochy with his 1,000 and first victory. not even close. trying to earn a spot in the giants rotation. taken deep by conforto there. a solo shot. and that was really the only run they'd need. a big fat lollipop right down the middle. and he rides it out
10:58 pm
of the park. vargas complete game shutout. and the giants fall 7-0 to the mets. got the u.s. open coming up. mickelson working it out a little bit. in the backyard of cbs commentator jim nand who's got a replica of the seventh hole. and he does the play by ball. the play by play. >> this is what he's talking about right here. here it comes. here it comes. it's in the hole. >> there you go. anywhere jim is around he's gonna broadcast. here we are at the dinner table. here we are in the backyard. always check it out. you'll see the u.s. open on fox. that is the sporting life. time for more news. when it comes to what's important to us in the
10:59 pm
community, you won't budge. you won't move. it doesn't matter. >> neighbors sound off tonight against union pacific. the railroad is being accused of ruining people's quality of life in the south bay. the complaints range from noisy trains overnight to trash. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. they are thinking about taking union pacific to court. the railroad company says it is protected by federal laws. union pacific heard from more than a hundred residents tonight. >> reporter: a lot of residents not happy about the railroad company's decision to run trains overnight. they say they're being woken up by the horns blaring. one residents tells me the trains run from 2:00 to 5:00 am five days a week. >> it's not even just the honking. it's a blaring that's describing what he hears several times
11:00 pm
overnight as trains roll


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